VMware Buys B-hive for Performance Scans

Virtualization superstar VMware said today it would purchase Israeli startup B-hive Networks for an undisclosed amount. The B-hive team will form the base of VMware’s development center in Israel and give VMware a better way to track performance among virtualized machines.

Typically, performance mapping and monitoring software measures how well servers talk to one another, but in a virtualized environment, that gets more difficult. Instead, one needs to measure how well information gets from one virtualized machine to another. B-hive’s Conductor software helps track how fast and well data flows, from the end-user perspective, in both virtualized and physical environments, and can automatically adjust the server environment to deal with bottlenecks. B-hive raised $7 million in September 2006 from Index Ventures and Venrock Associates.

B-hive works in both VMware and Citrix XenServer environments, so I don’t know what will happen to Xen support after the deal closes. VMware has been an active buyer of virtualization startups in the last year. While it holds a huge lead over its competitors, it’s good to see it staying on the ball when it comes to adding features and services. This leaves Akorri and Netuitive as potential pickings for Citrix or Microsoft.

3 Questions for MokaFive Founder John Whaley

Desktop virtualization is far from a new topic, in fact it dates back to the inception of the client-server model. But there are still virtualization startups out there, among them Redwood City, Calif.-based MokaFive, which is gunning for a chance to go up against Microsoft, IBM and Citrix with its own desktop-in-the-cloud model, which debuts on Tuesday.

I chatted with MokaFive founder and CTO John Whaley about what makes MokaFive’s model different from that of its competitors, and how reliable a desktop-in-the-cloud might be.

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Sun Buys VirtualBox Virtualization Software

If only it were green. That’s what I found myself thinking after Sun Microsystems said it’s paid an undisclosed amount for Innotek, the makers of open-source desktop virtualization software VirtualBox Virtual Machine. With an earth-friendly spin, Innoteck could have created a trifecta of buzzwords that would have really pumped up its valuation.

However open source (please recall Sun just spent $1 billion buying open source database guru MySQL) and virtualization (think VMWare’s buy of Thinstall in January), are plenty good, especially given that Citrix paid $500 million for open source server virtualization company XenSource. For those of you wondering who might be next, think about Parallels (formerly known as SWSoft), whose software competes against VirtualBox.

NComputing Raises $28M to Take on VMware

Years ago, Stephen Dukker helped to disrupt the personal computing industry when the company he founded, eMachines, started selling PCs for $400 each, effectively broadening the number of consumers who were able to buy computers. And now he’s trying to do it again, as CEO of Redwood City, Calif.-based virtualization startup NComputing, which just raised $28 million in a second round of funding.
NComputing makes terminals bundled with a keyboard, mouse and monitor that can be hooked up to a PC (given the processing power available in today’s computers compared with what’s needed for most applications, multiple terminal kits can be connected to a single PC.) After selling some 600,000 kits primarily to educational users over the past year-and-a-half, NComputing will take the $28 million it just raised (at a more than $100 million valuation) and use to target the enterprise market.
I spoke with Dukker about the importance of opening up new markets for PCs, and how that can be done using software. We also talked about NComputing’s push into the enterprise market, even as it continues to find success in education and the developing world. Currently the company sells 80 percent of its terminals to educational buyers, with 50 percent of its sales occurring in the U.S. Read More about NComputing Raises $28M to Take on VMware