Fixing Poor Laptop Ergonomics

Got a MacBook for Christmas? I’ve used laptop computers almost exclusively for a dozen years now, and they’ve been great, but for day in, day out, workhorse duty the standard laptop configuration does have serious ergonomic deficiencies.

If you position the computer high enough for comfortable and ergonomically healthy viewing angle to the screen, your wrists will be cranked down in unhealthy ape-hanger mode, stressing soft connective tissues, including the troublesome carpal tunnel where the brachial nerves pass through your wrists to your hands.
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Google to Soon Start Investing In Green Cars

[qi:_earth2tech]The Earth2Tech Team grabbed some camera time with’s director for climate change and energy initiatives, Dan Reicher, at Google’s conference in Washington DC on plug-in vehicles. Reicher told them that Google will make investments in green cars this summer through it’s plug-in hybrid program, RechargeIT. That’s a big step beyond the four plug-in hybrids that currently constitute Google’s entire RechargeIT program. . . . For the full video check out Earth2Tech.