Rocket may clone Stripe to beef up payments portfolio

Rumors suggest the Samwer brothers are prepping a clone of hot payments startup Stripe to add to their copies of Square and BillMeLater – though it remains to be seen whether this would be a quick-sale ploy or a long-term play.

Samwers kill their Fab clone after just six months

Just months after Germany’s notorious Samwer brothers courted controversy by cloning design sales site, they are about to close their copycat site, Bamarang, down — folding it into its more successful stablemate, WestWing.

Rocket caught copying Fab code in Nigerian push

The fact that Germany’s Rocket Internet is launching another clone should come as a surprise to no-one. But even with their copycat reputation, cutting and pasting code for their new Nigerian online store seems more than little bit lazy.

Revealed: the full extent of the Rocket clone empire

Germany’s Samwer brothers are notorious as Europe’s chief cloners of web companies through their Rocket Internet vehicle. But we discovered their empire of e-commerce copycats is increasingly global, with companies operating in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Now Samwer brothers look set to clone Square

German clone factory Rocket Internet, the incubator run by the controversy-courting Samwer brothers, has reportedly chosen its next target: white hot payment service Square.

Rocket lieutenant jumps to clone-free rival incubator

Florian Heinemann, long-time marketing chief for the infamous Samwer brothers, has joined other ex-Rocketeers at Project A Ventures — an incubator that has been explicitly set up as a move away from Rocket’s copycat model.

No joke: Facebook clone champions Russian innovation

Russian social network VKontakte has built a billion dollar business by cloning almost every aspect of Facebook for the local market. It seems a little rich, then, that founder Pavel Durov says his long-term ambition is to prove that Russian products can be global leaders.

Psystar Returns From the Dead, Offers New Apple Knock-Off


If you thought bankruptcy would keep the industrious folks at Psystar from making any more Mac clones, you were sorely mistaken. Like a zombie rising from the dead with an insatiable thirst for lawsuits, the little clone-maker that couldn’t is advertising a brand new model of its “Open” line of computers on its web site today.

Not only that, but it’s also claiming that its bankruptcy filing was an unfortunate, but necessary, step toward ensuring its continued viability as a company. Maybe so, but how many of you out there are eager to order a new computer of questionable build quality from a bankrupt company engaged in an ongoing legal battle with Apple (s aapl), especially with notebook price drops in place, and similar desktop discounts rumored to be on the horizon? Read More about Psystar Returns From the Dead, Offers New Apple Knock-Off