Lyve starts pre-orders this month, previews personal media device

Lyve Minds, the personal media startup founded by former Apple (S AAPL) exec Tim Bucher, is opening up pre-orders for its Lyve Home device on April 22nd, according to a newsletter sent out to subscribers Tuesday. Lyve Home, which helps to back up photos and synchronize them across your devices, will sell for $300, and the company just previewed some of its functionality in a stylish new YouTube video. Lyve Minds was previously known as Black Pearl Systems, and Bucher told me all about his plans at CES.

Backblaze’s 500-petabyte data center is more proof of the digital data explosion

Cloud backup provider Backblaze has moved into a new data center in Sacramento┬ácapable of storing 500 petabytes, or half an exabyte, of data. It’s not full yet (the company was storing 75 petabytes as of November), but the pace is picking up and it probably will be sooner than some might expect. The crazy part is that Backblaze isn’t even that big a company or that widely used a service. Facebook alone is building enough capacity to house 3 exabytes of data in each of its 3 cold storage facilities. Sometimes, I can’t help but think that we’re just digitally hoarding.

Backupify gets more corporate with enterprise support program

Nearly 95 percent of Backupify’s business comes from corporate users and 75 percent of that revenue comes from companies with more than 100 employees. That’s why the cloud backup company is formalizing an enterprise support and service program.

Need a new data center? Here’s a shopping guide

Most companies in the market for a new data center deal in total secrecy with agents and data center providers under NDA. Cloud backup player Backblaze is turning that model on its head by publishing the RFP it’s using for its new data center.