Enterprise: Yeah, We’re Cool With Open Source

The just released the annual 2010 Open Source Management Survey found that open source is seen to be easier to deploy than previously, IT professionals are articulating a preference for open source., and no longer focusing on whether it’s open source or proprietary

And Now Playing, GPU Clouds

Just as general purpose computing paved the way for specialized machines, general purpose clouds are going to evolve into specialized clouds. Like the Nvidia GPU-based cloud, launched today. It uses Tesla GPUs and 3D web services software and is targeting entertainment centric companies and services

Virtual Desktops Are Hot Again

There is a resurgence of activity around virtual desktops — where enterprises take desktop compute environments and make them configurable, deployable and manageable from a central location. Since it’s so hot, we look at companies that will challenge Citrix and VMware in this emerging sector.

Why OpenStack Has its Work Cut Out

I’m all for openness, but as I discuss in my weekly column at GigaOM Pro, it’s do not too difficult to play devil’s advocate and make the case that open source cloud platform OpenStack won’t create true rivals for leading cloud providers or cloud software vendors.

Why OpenStack Matters: Cloud Insiders Weigh In

OpenStack is an open source cloud project being backed by Rackspace and supported by NASA and two dozen other companies. Since the initial news was released, a lot of folks have been sharing their sentiments about the offering and why they think it is important.

Puppet Labs Gets $5M for Data Center Software

Puppet Labs has raised a $5 million second round of funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which brings the total funding for open source configuration management software provider to more than $7 million. The company also announced the latest version of the Puppet software.

OpenStack Wants to Be Android of The Cloud

In an effort to develop a standard cloud computing platform, Rackspace is open sourcing some of its key technologies and along with NASA is starting a new open source cloud platform project, OpenStack. Nearly 25 vendors have signed on for the new open source effort.