CumuLogic enters public beta for private PaaS

Cloud computing startup CumuLogic is making its Platform-as-a-Service software available for beta users that want to deploy it on their own infrastructure. Until now, CumuLogic’s Jave-only PaaS software had only been available for beta users running it atop the Amazon Web Services cloud.

3 PaaS lessons from CloudBees’ funding

Here are three lessons to take away from the $10.5 million funding round for Java-centric Platform-as-a-Service startup CloudBees: Be specialized, inclusive, and first.

CloudBees Extends Java PaaS to OpenStack, VMware Users

CloudBees is now offering its [email protected] service as software that lets users build their own PaaS environments on OpenStack- or VMware vSphere-based infrastructure. Choice in PaaS deployment environments is becoming a new must-have feature, especially in light of Amazon’s recent outage and projects like Cloud Foundry.

CloudBees Java Platform Is Open for Business

Just a month after hurriedly closing a deal to acquire competitor Stax Networks, CloudBees’ [email protected] Java platform as a service is available for public use. CloudBees deserves credit for making its offering available while others are still in development.

PaaS Consolidation Continues as CloudBees Buys Stax Networks

CloudBees, fresh off closing a $4 million funding round, has acquired fellow Java PaaS startup Stax Networks. The move might seem inconsequential — both companies are relatively unknown — but it signals that the PaaS consolidation kicked off by Red Hat and might just be beginning.

CloudBees Gets $4M for Java PaaS Plans

Boston-based cloud computing startup CloudBees has received $4 million to advance its vision of building a top-to-bottom Java Platform as a Service (PaaS). CloudBees already offers a Java development Platform as a Service, but its plans include a production-ready Java runtime PaaS called [email protected]