Cloudera bought DataPad because data scientists need tooling, too

Cloudera has acquired a data-visualization startup called DataPad, the founding team of which specializes in data analysis using the Python programming language. As Hadoop competition heats up, Cloudera might be ramping up its Python tooling in order to attract more data scientists and developers.

MapR raises $110M to fuel its enterprise Hadoop push

MapR has raised $110 million, $80 million of which is equity financing, in order to fuel its growing Hadoop business in the face of better-known rivals Cloudera and Hortonworks. Like those companies, MapR says it has the winning strategy and aims to be a publc company.

Dell to build in-memory Hadoop appliances with Cloudera and Intel

Dell, Cloudera and Intel are working together on an appliance designed to speed the performance of Hadoop environments by moving a lot more data into a shared memory space. Key to the performance improvement is Apache Spark, the in-memory data-processing framework that’s now included in Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution. At this point, it seems like Hadoop vendors are going to sell their wares regardless where they run, so a deal like this really helps Dell make the case that hardware matters in big data environments. The companies claim it’s the first in a family of “Dell Engineered Systems for Cloudera Enterprise.”

Hadoop maturity summits

Last week’s Hadoop Summit brought announcements that further galvanize Hadoop’s versatility and mainstream status.

The data center demands of selling Hadoop have Cloudera eyeing the cloud

Big data vendor Cloudera is no Google when it comes to data center footprint, but the cost and complexity of its infrastructure are growing with each passing year. Cloudera VP of engineering Peter Cooper-Ellis explains how better data centers and cloud computing help ease the burden.