VMware’s non-denial denial on CloudFoundry spin-off

A recent internal VMware memo that has emerged via CRN says that our previously published report about VMware and EMC pooling assets such as Cloud Foundry and GreenPlum and spinning them off into a separate entity was “unfounded.” It sounds like a classic non-denial denial.

CloudFoundry attacks Google-style problem with BOSH

With its new BOSH management process, VMware keeps pushing CloudFoundry as a good multi-cloud PaaS option by making it easier to deploy and manage across clouds and on the biggest clouds. That’s important as more companies hedge their bets when it comes to cloud deployment.

Netflix: We don’t need no stinkin’ data centers!

For anyone interested in cloud computing, Adrian Cockroft’s recent presentation on how Netflix uses a combo of Amazon Web Services and its own home-grown PaaS is a must read. Cockroft is director of cloud architecture systems for Netflix, the giant streaming media company.

Jaspersoft parlays Red Hat OpenShift in BI push

The free version of Jaspersoft’s analytics software will be offered as part of Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service. As Red Hat, Microsoft, Heroku, and Cloud Foundry PaaSes compete, watch for them to add more services and capabilities just as they’ve raced to add language support.

Microsoft Azure: B for effort, less for execution

Microsoft poured money and resources into Microsoft Windows Azure, its grand attempt to transport the company’s software dominance into the cloud computing era. For die-hard .Net heads, Azure is probably the PaaS of choice. But for the army of new-age web developers, it’s an also-ran.

Can Microsoft Web Matrix 2.0 lure developers to Azure?

Microsoft could use Web Matrix 2.0 tool — now in beta — to entice new-age web developers to Azure, its cloud-computing Platform-as-a-Service. While the Azure PaaS has a potentially huge built-in audience of .Net programmers, it lacks cachet among the “cool kid,” next-gen web developers.

For Red Hat, it’s all about (what else?) cloud

Red Hat is the Microsoft of Linux. But now, like Microsoft itself, it obsesses more on cloud infrastructure than lowly operating systems. Questions about Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS and CloudForms IaaS dominated last night’s earnings call, but CEO Jim Whitehurst was cautious on revenue predictions.

The Challenges of Moving Across the Entire Stack

This week’s announcement of VMware’s Horizon App Manager is the latest addition to the company’s increasingly rich portfolio, but the company is not alone in wanting to strengthen its market position by expanding far beyond its original offering. Where, then, does that leave the competition?