Amazon watcher Newvem starts charging to monitor your cloud

Examining Amazon Web Services usage is a cottage industry for a dozen or so startups. One of them, Newvem, has offered its service free to select customers. Now that the service is broadly available, it’s time to monetize.

Amazon’s dead serious about the enterprise cloud

All the talk about big companies not wanting to put workloads on Amazon Web Services is hot air. The biggest companies already deploy workloads beyond test-and-dev on AWS. The question is: can AWS sustain that momentum as new options come online?

Newvem makes its Amazon analytics available

Newvem has tested its analytics with customer data for 8 months and says its key finding is that customers need to hear how use of Amazon services will make them more profitable. Saving money is one thing, making money is better.

Cloudability says it pinpoints actual Amazon cloud spend

Cloudability says its analytics can cut your overall cloud services cost. Available now for Amazon Web Services, support is coming for other major cloud service providers, A raft of companies have sprung up to help companies get a better grip on their cloud spend.

Cloudyn tool specs out Amazon cloud costs in advance

Which type of Amazon Web Services Reserved Instance should your company deploy and for what time period for any given job? These are the kinds of questions Cloudyn’s new calculator can help you sort out for yourself, the company said.

Newvem adds Amazon S3 storage analytics to its roster

Newvem, which already kept taps on Amazon EC2 instances, is now adding S3 storage to the services it monitors and analyzes for customers. The goal is to help them pick the right storage tier for their different data sets, Newvem president Zev Laderman said.

Amazon sets sights on cloud cost sprawl

The beauty of Amazon Web Services is they’re easy to set up and run. The problem with those services is they’re easy to set up and run. Now Amazon is offering companies a better way — with a little prep work — to track those costs.