Hulu, OK Go & Auto-Tune the News Score Webby Awards

Okay, we admit it: We’re a little sad today that GigaOM didn’t win a Webby, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from checking out the long list of web video sites and ventures that did.

In fact, web video was one of the big winners of this year’s Webbys, with Hulu winning both the Webby and the People’s Voice Award in the Broadband category, and OK Go receiving the Film & Video Artist of the Year Special Achievement Award. Read on for a complete list of web-video related winners.

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Forget Cable’s WiMAX Dreams: Cox Trials LTE Network

Cox, the nation’s third-largest cable company, today said it had successfully delivered a voice call and high-definition video streaming over a fourth-generation Long Term Evolution network, but the trial raises more questions than it answers about the cable provider’s 4G wireless plans.

Intel Invest $43M in Japanese WiMAX Operator

[qi:___wimax] Intel (s intc) has invested $43 million into Japanese WiMAX provider UQ Communications, as the chip giant continues its efforts to boost the mobile wireless broadband technology around the world. Compared with other forms of wireless broadband, such as the current 3G networks and coming Long Term Evolution networks provided by the cell carriers, WiMAX is an underdog, but Intel keeps sending it back into the ring with more money. It has invested almost $2 billion in WiMAX in the last four years. Read More about Intel Invest $43M in Japanese WiMAX Operator

BT Adds Mobile Broadband to Its Consumer Bundles

BT Group (s BT) introduced packages earlier this week that add mobile broadband to home services such as voice, web and video that it provides to customers. By coming out with a combined mobile and fixed broadband package, it’s mirroring a trial plan offered by AT&T (s T) and recognizing that mobile broadband can be a good complement to wired broadband, especially as consumers start adding netbooks and other mobile devices to their lives.

If such offerings take off, AT&T and Verizon (s VZ) have an obvious advantage, but smaller carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint (s S) could stand to benefit if other ISPs want to resell time on their networks. For example, BT is reselling mobile access from Vodafone to create its package.

The trend may also push the cable companies to offer combined fixed and mobile broadband packages using WiMAX through their partnership with Clearwire (s CLWR). If ISPs adopt a variety of different mobile broadband services for their packages, it underscores the need for consumers to carefully evaluate what type of mobile broadband works for them.

Intel Writes Almost $1B Off Clearwire Investment

[qi:050] Aside from slashing its sales estimates today, Intel said it would take a $950 million impairment charge related to its investment in Clearwire, citing a decline in Cleawire’s (s CLRW) stock price (to $4.93 as of Dec. 31). Intel has invested millions into Clearwire, which is building a nationwide WiMAX network, with the hopes of selling more chips into web-connected portable computers. From Intel’s release:

The company now expects the net gain or loss from equity investments and interest and other to be a loss of between $1.1 billion and $1.2 billion versus a previous expectation of a loss of approximately $50 million. Read More about Intel Writes Almost $1B Off Clearwire Investment

Despite Downturn Clearwire Gets Xohm and $3.2 Billion

logo_notagClearwire (s CLRW) said today that it has closed several transactions that will allow it to build out a nationwide WiMAX network, including gaining control of Sprint’s (s S) Xohm network and a $3.2 billion investment from several large companies. These deals were announced in May, and despite the downturn that has pummeled stocks since then, the terms of the deal have not changed. The new nationwide WiMAX service will be branded Clear. Read More about Despite Downturn Clearwire Gets Xohm and $3.2 Billion