Google TV: A Video Tour

Still don’t know what Google TV is all about? The company wants to explain it to you in detail, and it has released a new video tour to do so. The video features various third-party content sources compatible with Google TV, but is notably absent.

MeFeedia: Let Us Handle Your HTML5 Analytics

MeFeedia is making an offer to publishers that want to track videos delivered via HTML5: let us handle your analytics for free. With the rollout of its new analytics suite for HTML5 video, MeFeedia customers can now track engagement metrics across a number of mobile devices.

LA, Miami and Middle America to Get WiMAX

Clearwire said today that it would expand its WiMAX network to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and St. Louis this year. Clearwire is in a race to sign up mobile broadband subscribers before the cellular operators launch their own 4G networks.

Clearwire’s Big Bet on Our Broadband Addiction

Mike Sievert, chief commercial officer at Clearwire, said the company’s mobile users (those on laptops and dongles outside the home) consume more than an average of 7GB per month of data. Slaking that thirst for mobile data, and doing it cheaply, is essential for Clearwire’s strategy.

2010: The Year Comcast Embraces Convergence

Comcast today reported fourth-quarter and 2009 earnings that showed remarkable subscriber growth in a down economy. But this year could be a turning point for Comcast, which has laid the groundwork for fast, ubiquitous broadband while also trying to avoid becoming a dumb pipe.

Nielsen: Online Video Viewing Declines (Slightly) in December

Mark it up to the holidays, maybe, but online video viewing declined last month, with the number of online video views falling about 4 percent from November to December and viewership declining at four of the top five video properties, according to new data from Nielsen VideoCensus.

Despite the monthly decline, the year-over-year picture is a little brighter, with unique viewers, number of streams, and time spent watching online videos each up over 10 percent from the previous year. Unique viewers grew 10.3 percent, to 137.4 million in December, with total streams at about 10.7 billion. The amount of time spent watching videos online was also up year-over-year, to 193.2 minutes per month, on average.

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Clearwire Amps Up Retail Presence

Clearwire has opened retail stores in 10 U.S. cities as part of pushing its Clear WiMAX service to the masses. However, given how few WiMax-capable devices there are right now, the retail environment must seem pretty empty.

Video: Austin WiMAX Launch Event

Verizon Test

WiMAX Test

Sprint (s S) held a happy hour last night to show off the WiMAX launch in here Austin, Texas, so I wandered over for some BBQ and broadband. I want to love WiMAX, but I can’t get excited about the promise of upload speeds of some 400 kilobits per second, which are only a wee bit more than what my Verizon (s vz) 3G connection delivers. However, on the download side things are decent for a wired network and awesome for a wireless one. Read More about Video: Austin WiMAX Launch Event