Barnes & Noble Pushes Update for Nook

Nook owners are getting a surprise from Barnes & Noble in the form of a major software update. Version 1.3 has the standard bug fixes and performance enhancements, and also adds some new features to the Nook. Reading free e-books in the stores is now possible.

Mobile Broadband: You’re Gonna Pay for the Convenience

People treat their mobile broadband connections like they treat their wireline connections — downloading as much data and expecting the same performance. Sandvine today released data showing exactly how much people use mobile broadband, and concluded that such use isn’t sustainable or profitable for carriers.

Apple Doubles iPhone’s Cellular Network Download Limit

I’ve cursed the 10MB over-the-air cell data download limit on Apple’s (s aapl) iPhone many a time, especially when trying to grab a podcast or game for use on the train while traveling. Things got slightly better in that regard today, since Apple doubled the download limit for apps, games and iTunes content over 3G and Edge data connections.

Of course, I noticed the bump in download capacity when I absentmindedly tried to download a podcast that exceeded both the old and new limits, so it’s hard to say as of yet how much of an improvement in user experience this actually represents. Likewise, so far every other article I’ve seen regarding the change has found out about it by trying to download something that’s far larger than 20MB. Read More about Apple Doubles iPhone’s Cellular Network Download Limit

2010: The Year Comcast Embraces Convergence

Comcast today reported fourth-quarter and 2009 earnings that showed remarkable subscriber growth in a down economy. But this year could be a turning point for Comcast, which has laid the groundwork for fast, ubiquitous broadband while also trying to avoid becoming a dumb pipe.

Forget Cable’s WiMAX Dreams: Cox Trials LTE Network

Cox, the nation’s third-largest cable company, today said it had successfully delivered a voice call and high-definition video streaming over a fourth-generation Long Term Evolution network, but the trial raises more questions than it answers about the cable provider’s 4G wireless plans.

Comcast Adds Antivirus to Its Broadband Package

Comcast said today that it will bundle a subscription to Norton’s antivirus software for its business and residential broadband customers, adding yet another perk for broadband subscribers. As competition increased in some markets, providers are luring customers with more perks.

Nielsen: Online Video Viewing Declines (Slightly) in December

Mark it up to the holidays, maybe, but online video viewing declined last month, with the number of online video views falling about 4 percent from November to December and viewership declining at four of the top five video properties, according to new data from Nielsen VideoCensus.

Despite the monthly decline, the year-over-year picture is a little brighter, with unique viewers, number of streams, and time spent watching online videos each up over 10 percent from the previous year. Unique viewers grew 10.3 percent, to 137.4 million in December, with total streams at about 10.7 billion. The amount of time spent watching videos online was also up year-over-year, to 193.2 minutes per month, on average.

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