MWC: Mobile Video Isn’t All That

This week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona hasn’t just been about battling mobile operating systems and the latest chips for cell phones, it’s also about content. For the first time ever, the GSM Association threw a party at the event focused solely on mobile entertainment, “Mobile Backstage.”

While there have been big announcements such as Nielsen talking about tracking online video, and the launch of mobile ad networks such as MMcast, the content news at Mobile World Congress is still a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing (what? too literary?). Mobile video has taken off in a few places such as South Korea and Japan, but for the most part, press releases outnumber the viewers.

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CES after 2AM. Diary of a founder’s ‘first time.’

marc_int2.jpgEditor’s Note: Marc Barros and Jason Green launched Twenty20Camera, maker of the vholdr hands-free digital video recorder, in 2004, just as they were graduating from colllege. They grew to a 7-man shop on little more than a $100,000-line of credit. So when they closed their first angel round, the guys did what any self-respecting gadget makers would do: they blew a wad of it on a booth at CES. Marc offered to chronicle his first-time in Vegas for Found|READ. Here is Chapter 1.
CES. It’s the only place where an army of insurgent type A personality sales reps converge on a small platoon of start up boy scouts crammed in a booth no bigger than a kid’s bedroom. And the battle at hand? To make the biggest waves possible.
Before we even arrived in Vegas, (a city which drains money from a start-up faster than an addicted gambler) we devised our booth plans. I think we started as far back as August, drawing on the board, debating, chalking a 10’x20′ space on the office floor, and setting a CES project file for the team to rally around. As we all do, we got busy. August turned into September, into October, into lines of aggressive Christmas shoppers in the blink of sn eye.
“Oh yeah, don’t we need to put a booth together?”
In typical start-up fashion we raced through booth design, logistics planning, and supply trips to retailers from Seattle to Vegas. We hit Best Buy for cables, Home Depot for power, Radio Shack just because, Walmart for rations, and sought out a Sears store Yahoo! said was there. (It wasn’t.)
Off to Vegas we went, six in comfy jet style, and one by car through what might go down as storm of the year Read More about CES after 2AM. Diary of a founder’s ‘first time.’