Coda looks to China for second low cost electric car

A partnership between an LA-based electric car startup and a Chinese auto maker intends to produce “the most affordable EV on the market.” On Tuesday Coda announced that it has a new deal with Great Wall Motors Company to co-develop a low cost electric car.

Coda ships its first electric sedan (finally)

Electric-car startup Coda officially drove its first ready-to-ship electric car off the assembly line at its plant in the Northern California city of Benicia, California, on Monday morning, saying that the move is the start of its customer sales. It’s been a long time coming.

Coda is raising another $150M, soon to ship electric cars

Electric car company Coda Automotive is raising more funds as it moves closer to shipping its first electric sedans. According to a filing, the company is looking to raise another $150 million, and has closed $21.5 million of that round.

Electric car startup Coda takes aim at the power grid

Despite Coda just going into production of its inaugural electric sedan, the startup will announce on Friday it’s launching a division that plans to sell its batteries and battery management system to act as energy storage for the power grid.

10 things you should know about electric car startup Coda

Electric car startup Coda Automotive started production of its inaugural electric sedan this week, and expects to start delivering its first cars to dealers in December. Here are 10 things you need to know about Coda Automotive and its inaugural electric sedan.

China: Now the land of cleantech capital

China has long been perceived as the must-tackle market for clean power and cleantech, but it’s also become a spigot of private capital for startups that find the marriage of money and market opportunity particularly appealing.