Ex-Skypers unveil Wire app, offering voice, messaging and more

The free service is currently available on iOS, Android and OS X, though an in-browser version will arrive soon. It’s been under development for two years and has a very credible team behind it. However, its security mechanisms remain a mystery.

MPEG LA ready to escalate codec war against Google, WebM

H.264 license holder MPEG LA says it’s ready to step up the fight against Google’s open-source WebM format. After threatening to form a patent pool to use against WebM, the group now says it has identified 12 companies with patents essential to the VP8 standard.

VLC 1.0 Goldeneye Released

VLC Icon

VLC media player, an open-source application from the VideoLAN project, finally reached version 1.0 today. The software had its original start back in 1996 as a school project from engineering students at the Ecole Centrale Paris (though it wasn’t released as an open source project until 2001).

Through many point releases before today, VLC has continued to expand its capabilities, offering support for HD codecs, a diverse set of file formats, live recording, AirTunes streaming and more. Read More about VLC 1.0 Goldeneye Released