Kiosks keep rolling: Redbox reports 26% Q2 revenue increase

The DVD business is still very, very good to Redbox and its parent company, Coinstar, which now control more than 42 percent of the U.S. disc-rental market. Redbox, however, said nothing about its new Verizon joint venture in Thursday’s Q2 earnings call.

DVD not so DOA after all? Redbox Q1 revenue up 39%

While its longtime DVD-rental rival, Netflix has signaled its eventual retreat from the disc business, kiosk operator Redbox seems more than happy to take on any physical-media customers Netflix wants to cut loose.

Verizon teams up with Redbox to cash in on video

Verizon and Redbox are creating a joint venture to provide content online and through Redbox’s physical DVD rental kiosks around the country. The deal is a chance for Verizon to make money from streaming content and show off how awesome its network is.

What Warner Bros.’ 8-week DVD window really means

A lot has been made of Warner Bros. and its new eight-week window for DVD rental firms. But the new window is unlikely to change much for companies like Netflix, Redbox or Blockbuster. While Netflix users will wait longer, Blockbuster and Redbox users likely won’t.

What Netflix effect? Redbox will raise rates instead

Redbox was expected to be one of the big beneficiaries of Netflix’s most recent price change. But there wasn’t any apparent effect in Redbox’s numbers, as parent Coinstar reported revenues just slightly above Wall Street consensus. Worse, Redbox announced it is raising rates itself.

ecoATM Raises $14.4M for eCycling Kiosks

Will kiosks in stores finally convince us all to recycle our gadgets and cell phones? Startup ecoATM and its investors think so — on Wednesday, ecoATM announced it’s raised a Series A round of $14.4 million in funding from Coinstar and Claremont Creek Ventures.