When machine learning takes a lesson from human learning

Declara Co-founder and CEO knows a lot about overcoming adversity and the process of learning as an adult. She also knows a lot about algorithms. On the Structure Show podcast this week, she explained how the two have intersected with her company’s platform.

Five hot collaboration trends

Effective teamwork is one of the most critical keys to success. As a result, collaboration tools are one of the hottest sectors in software. Blaine Mathieu of Mindjet maps out five important trends in collaboration solutions.

Socialcast building better businesses with simple social tools

A simple emoticon can tell you wonders about the emotional state of your company. Socialcast experimented with such a test in a Japanese factory asking employees to rate their work day with a happy, average, or sad face. The simple question gleaned enormous insight.

Transparency, privacy becoming necessary in collaboration tools

This month, online collaboration platform Teambox added private elements, offering users various levels of privacy. More than just a response to Google+ Circles, the feature supports modern organizational practices, allowing employees to share limited information with vendors and clients.

10 Unsung Collaboration Tools — Many of Them Free

Collaboration is in full swing on the web, for both social and work-oriented purposes. Most of us can rattle off the well-known applications that are available, but there are many targeted, useful collaboration apps that are more offbeat. Here are 10, many of them free.

Hot Jobs: The (Green) Data Center Exec Shuffle of ’09

An interesting staffing phenomenon is affecting tech industry lately. As my colleague Derrick recently pointed out, we’re in the midst of a data center executive shuffle and it hasn’t escaped the industry’s attention. Debra Chrapaty and a handful of other execs have shifted ranks at Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, eBay and Cisco. But what do they all have in common? They made green IT a cornerstone in how they approach data center planning and management.

With Social Media, fmyi Makes Enterprise Collaboration Pay

logo2Nike’s Shambhala initiative, which kicked off in 1999, aimed to transform Nike’s approach to social and environmental issues. A series of workshops brought together sustainability gurus, speakers and more than 50 managers from across Nike’s many divisions to discuss ways to push the envelope on internal and product-focused sustainability. The events were hugely successful, but the challenge, says Justin Yuen, a former intranet developer turned corporate social responsibility manager at Nike, was finding a way to keep that sense of community and engagement among individual participants after they returned to their teams.

Traditionally, employees had two methods of communicating with one another: email and the company intranet. The former, while dynamic enough to support actual work, lacked transparency, longevity and opportunities for collaboration. The intranet, on the other hand, was great for sharing static information across teams and individuals. Neither, however, reflected how people actually worked together. So in 2004, Yuen left his position in Nike’s corporate social responsibility team, and set out on his own to develop a product that could do better. The result was fmyi — as in, “for my information” — and it’s a rare success story in the web 2.0 landscape: a social-media-infused enterprise collaboration tool that’s been profitable since two years after its founding. Read More about With Social Media, fmyi Makes Enterprise Collaboration Pay

DocVerse Launches Collaboration Tool for Microsoft Office

[qi:056] When it comes to software, collaboration is the next big opportunity. It’s being driven by the proliferation of broadband connections, ubiquitous wireless connectivity and the distributed workforce. From Google (s GOOG) to Cisco Systems (s CSCO) to Microsoft (s MSFT) — all are trying to make their way to the treasure. Meanwhile dozens of startups are aiming to bring their own unique approach to a $10 billion market generically known as collaboration software.

One such startup is San Francisco-based DocVerse, a company started by Alex DeNeui and Shan Sinha, both former Microsoft employees who worked on the Redmond giant’s SharePoint and SQL Server. DocVerse, which emerged from stealth mode today, has received over $1 million in a first round of financing from Baseline Ventures, Michael Dearing and a few other angels. Read More about DocVerse Launches Collaboration Tool for Microsoft Office