Binfire CEO explains his project management philosophy

David Robins’ company Binfire created project management software based on the philosophy that better collaboration and communication leads to increased productivity. But as his global team worked on the software, he learned how best to manage that collaboration and when to involve others in planning.

Small wins beat stretch goals in collaborative projects

While there’s no single way to kick off a group in a collaborative process, the available research says you should start small with a specific, achievable goal, rather than trying to implement a full technology platform at the same time as you’re organizing the project.

Working in Teams: Dropbox to the Rescue!

The work I do is generally solitary, but in the last couple of months, I’ve had to work with teams more than usual, and it’s been Dropbox to the rescue every time. Here are some examples of how Dropbox has come in handy for me lately:

Planzone: A Collaborative Tool that Makes Juggling Easy

A few months ago, I was desperate to find a collaborative project app, so I explored a number of those that had been discussed here at WWD. I was either underwhelmed or daunted by the learning curve (too busy/too lazy). So what I ended up doing was finding a basic mind map to use for brain downloads and to-do items, and creating a Google Group for my team to communicate and use as a shared idea repository. I already had some other stuff for a separate, but related project on Google Docs. Not too efficient. And I am now of the opinion that Google Groups and Docs are totally lame (that’s “woefully inadequate” in good English).

Fortunately, I just discovered Planzone, a new online collaborative project management and productivity tool launched in June 2008. It’s designed for people who need to schedule and monitor multiple resources (clients, partners and vendors, as well as physical spaces or other assets) and tasks in a project.
And, yes, there is a full-featured, free plan that includes two projects, 25 MB of storage, unlimited users, and SSL.
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Does Online TV Have a Short Shelf Life?

New research indicates that online videos get the majority of their views soon after they’re posted. Of 10,916 videos with at least 1,000 views after 90 days, half of those views happened over the first two weeks, according to a study by video analytics firm TubeMogul. Views peak on day three, with 11 percent of all views happening on that day, according to the study.

So what does this mean? Despite the on-demand revolution, we still experience cultural phenomena together. Which is great in its own way. But I’m skeptical — focusing on the first 90 days and extrapolating from there is bound to bias growth towards the beginning of a video’s lifecycle.

And how does it account for classic gems like this one — Mr. T rapping “Treat Your Mother Right,” which I first saw this week, more than a year after it had been added to YouTube? Not to mention however well it did when it originally aired, this version has nearly 2 million views and a full page of comments just from the last day.

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Mazda integrates camera in mirror, just days after I backed into the garage

Mazda_backupcameraAh, that’s OK, I don’t have a Mazda anyway and I’m selling the house so I can move to Korea for a Q1P Ultra with WiBRO. For the rest of you, there’s an integrated rear-view camera coming to the Mazda CX-9; you’ll see what’s behind your SUV right in the mirror. A 2.4-inch LCD screen will show you the kids bicycle just before it becomes a mangled pile of tubes, gears and rubber. Don’t worry, you won’t have a virtual picture-in-picture while driving forward; a transflective screen causes the image to fade away when you’re not in reverse. That’s actually too bad: I wouldn’t mind pretending I was in a Nextel Cup race with one of the bumper-cams they use. That feeling alone would be worth the $675!

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