Greylock boosts big data investment with new hire

Greylock Partners, the VC firm backing companies such as Cloudera, Airbnb and ZipCar hired DJ Patil, formerly the chief product officer at Color, as a data scientist in residence. Greylock’s trying to help its companies monetize the rich vein of user data on the web.

Flixlab adds location-based sharing to video creation app

Flixlab wants to help you to produce videos with the clips and photos you record on your iPhone, and it now lets you access your friends’ footage as well. A new location-based feature makes it possible to collaborate on video production around an event.

Is Facebook about to have the last word in iPhone photo sharing?

Facebook is about to lunch a doozy of a photo sharing app for iOS, according to a new report. It describes an app that takes Facebook’s formidable photo sharing abilities and packages them as an easy-to-use mobile app. If Facebook starts playing, will everyone else fold?

Color: More Than Just Another Photo-Sharing App

Much of last week’s buzz surrounding the launch of Color was justifiably skeptical. Does the world really need another mobile photo-sharing app? But parts of the startup’s vision extend far beyond photo-sharing, and make the company worth watching as a potential indicator of social media trends.

Is Color’s Team Worth $41M, Even if Its Idea Isn’t?

A startup called Color has raised a whopping $41 million from a group of funds including Sequoia Capital. Is the company’s photo-sharing app worth that much? Probably not. The funding is likely just a bet that the team involved will eventually come up with something worthwhile.

Color Proves Chasing Trends Isn’t Good App Design

On paper, Color, the app which grabbed headlines Wednesday for securing $41 million in pre-release startup funding, looks pretty good. It’s a photo (and video) sharing app (those do well) with a geo-local twist (ditto) that’s built around the concept of the group (natch).