Will there be an Amazon of Europe?

Can a single vendor dominate the public cloud services market in Europe as Amazon has managed to do in the US? It’s not very likely. The single biggest reason is obvious: Europe is not the US.

Want to see the future of mobile coverage? Go to a baseball game

Verizon Wireless is hauling COWs and COLTs to Kansas City and Detroit but not to any livestock show. These COWs and COLTs are cells on wheels and cells on light trucks. Carriers have long been using temporary cells. What’s interesting about these is they’re 4G.

‘Zero emissions’ wholesale data center coming to Iceland

Colt, the British data center specialist, is building what it and Verne Global call the world’s first “zero emissions” data center slated to come online in four months. Located on a NATO base in Iceland, it will run solely on geothermal and hydroelectric power.