Frontier aggregates 700,000+ videos on TumTiki

Frontier Communications is trying to find new ways to provide value to subscribers and is rolling out one of the most comprehensive video portals online. With TumTiki, Frontier is bringing together more than 700,000 video assets from a combination of traditional broadcast TV and online sources.

Sheen vs. Kutcher: Guess who was #winning?

Comedy Central heavily promoted its Roast of Charlie Sheen on Twitter, and it looks like the bet may have paid off: Twitter users commented more than twice as much about the roast than about the season debut of his former show Two and a Half Men.

Netflix Adds Yo Gabba Gabba & iCarly

It’s time to dance: Netflix just added the first season of the toddler and indie music fan favorite Yo Gabba Gabba to its streaming catalog. The company also added new episodes of iCarly and a bunch of other content from Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV.