Avengers Assemble! Pits Marvel Superheroes Against Current Events

This indie web series gives classic comic book characters like Iron Man, the Hulk and Wolverine a chance to sound off on topics like immigration, health care and the BP oil spill. It may not be a summer blockbuster, but it’s a whole lot more funny.

YourTango’s Electronic Picture Diaries Hits Facebook

Modern love commentary site YourTango is following up on the viral hit Facebook Manners and You with a new retro-themed series, featuring the same cast, on dating and reationships. But is a Facebook-exclusive distribution approach really the best way to spread a web series?

3 Vampire Comedy Web Series for People Who Like Vampires

Sometimes they sparkle; sometimes they brood; sometimes they have great hair; but vampires always suck blood, and they’ll always be a major factor in the popular imagination. So here are three recent web series to explore the world of undead exsanguinators from a comedy perspective.

Guild Star Launches Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour

Guild fans are more than familiar with Jeff Lewis’s particular brand of awkward humor, but how many have wondered how different Lewis is from the character of Vork. Based on the first episode of The Jeff Lewis Five Minute Comedy Hour the answer is… Not really.

Agents of Cracked Proves Consistently Funny

A web series about the inner workings of a comedy website is the kind of formula you’d think would only work once. But Cracked.com’s Agents of Cracked proves yet again that execution makes all the difference. To be clear: Agents of Cracked is really quite funny.

Four for Friday: Families, Zombies, Sketch and Elevator

The wonderful world of online comedy is diverse in scope and gigantic in scale, which occasionally necessitates posts like these. Here are four very different comedy series currently making the rounds online: three newbies, and one old-timer back for its last hurrah.

Status Kill Targets the Social Networking Experience

Social networks, for the online and addicted, already take up a lot of time and brainspace — but what might happen when the interfaces intrude even more on “real life”? That’s the idea taken to the point of farce with Status Kill.

Old Jews Telling Jokes Launches Book, 200th Episode

Timed perfectly for the eve of the Jewish New Year, Old Jews Telling Jokes, which launched in January 2009, today debuted its 200th episode in conjunction with a book published by Random House. Producer Eric Spiegelman reveals the show’s two secrets to success.

Project Rant Celebrates ‘Fake and Gay’ YouTube Comments

The web series Project Rant today released their newest video recreation of a rant, with a twist. YouTube Comments pays tribute to the hyperbolic and homophobic comments Rant episodes have been receiving on YouTube — comments that are kinda sorta NewTeeVee’s fault.