Can’t make it to Comic-Con? Internet to the rescue

Many people ask why Comic-Con has held out on live-streaming the panels and events which make up the convention’s core — a paid live-stream offering would likely have no trouble finding an audience. But for now, live-streaming is unnecessary: The fans are doing it for them.

Best merger ever? Fanboy brands Legendary and Nerdist unite

Legendary Entertainment, producer of Comic Book Guy-loved film properties including The Dark Knight, 300 and Inception, has purchased an online media company well versed in analyzing those movies in obsessively granular detail.

Could Portal: No Escape be the next fan film to go legit?

The release of a short film set in the universe of Valve Software’s popular Portal video game series has people excited over the possibility that director Dan Trachtenberg could bring his vision to a full-length version. But is such a move really likely?

QMx brings function to the movie tie-in app

In the increasingly crowded mobile-app space, promotional apps are easily ignored: apps you might download and forget about a few days later, remembering them only to delete them later on. QMx Interactive would like to change all of that with a new sci-fi tie-in.

Pearl Media bringing 3-D media to branding. Is 3-D ready?

THQ is launching Saints Row: The Third at Comic-Con 2011 with a bang, including a giant booth with an adults-only booth show, a pimp dressed all in purple, and a multimedia showcase involving dual-screen 3-D animations introducing the game. Is 3-D ready to be everywhere?

Will the Cloud Be Comic-Con’s Superhero?

After two massive server crashes in November wrecked online ticket-sale launches and infuriated hopeful badgeholders, Comic-Con International has moved its ticketing engine to Amazon Web Serviced-based startup TicketLeap in anticipation of its third attempt — tomorrow morning — to sell badges for this summer’s event.

Video: Red vs. Blue at Comic-Con 2010

This year in San Diego, we got some face time with Red vs. Blue creators Geoff Ramsey and Gustavo Sorola, who were attending for their seventh straight year, manning a booth stocked with DVDs and merchandise for their ground-breaking machinima comedy series.

Joshua Jackson’s “Pacey-Con” Just a Funny Or Die Stunt

Celebrity-infused comedy site Funny or Die seems to be moving away from scripted content in favor of reality stunts these days. And not just reality stunts, but reality stunts invoking 90s nostalgia. The latest example: Joshua “Pacey on Dawson’s Creek” Jackson’s assault on Comic-Con.

Web Content Still Finding Its Place At Comic-Con

Comic-Con is a great gorgeous whale of pop culture, and if you approach the event as a microcosm of media today, then the way web content has squeezed itself into this five days of panels, exhibits, events and parties is mirrored accordingly.

Joss Whedon ‘Actively Pursuing’ Web Content — After Avengers

Joss Whedon didn’t quite give an answer as to the question of whether or not we can expect a Dr. Horrible sequel anytime in the near future. But he responded to the question “Have you considered doing a subscription-based web series?” by saying “Absolutely.”