Community Wi-Fi startup Instabridge lands $1M seed round

The European startup is building a crowdsourced network composed of members’ home and business Wi-Fi. Instabridge says it’s now hosting 20,000 sessions and adding 1,000 new access points to its network each day.

Why a DT investment in Fon would be a smart move

Deutsche Telekom is considering investing in Fon, the crowdsourced Wi-Fi provider. Though the deal is far from certain, DT could benefit greatly from a close relationship with Fon’s millions-strong Wi-Fi community.

France’s Wi-Fi gates swing open: Free Mobile activates 4M hotspots

France’s Free Mobile launched with enormous hoopla in January, but it sat on a key component of its innovative mobile strategy until today. Free has opened up 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots to its smartphone customers, creating the world’s largest carrier-run mobile data offload network.