Apple, Samsung discuss long-term supply relationship

Earlier this week, we heard that Samsung would be responsible for the production of Apple’s A6 processor, and now there’s confirmation that executives of the two companies have sat down to talk about their supply-side relationship. Both appear interested in continuing those arrangements.

iPhone 4S teardown reveals 512 MB of RAM, more

Apple repair site iFixit has already managed to secure an iPhone 4S and pulled it apart. Details of what’s inside reveal a design that’s fairly similar to its predecessor, as you might expect from the outside appearance of the 4S, but also show some noteworthy changes.

Report: iPhone 5 getting metal back, screen staying small

The next iPhone won’t get a huge new display, according to a new report. Sources within Apple’s display panel supply stream claim that the iPhone 5’s screen will be between 3.5 and 3.7 inches. They also claim a metal back for Apple’s next smartphone.

Apple intent on diversifying suppliers with Sharp investment

Apple intends to invest in a Sharp plant in order to bring the Japanese company aboard as an LCD supplier for iPhone and iPad manufacturing, according to sources. If accurate, this is only the latest sign that Apple is looking to distance itself from Samsung.

The case for and against a September iPhone 5 launch

Everyone knows Apple will launch a new iPhone, but no one knows quite when. Friday saw new claims as to when it might arrive, so it’s a good opportunity to look at all of the iPhone 5 release date rumors and see where we end up.

Next iPhone to Have Curved Glass Screen?

The next iPhone will have a curved glass display, according to DigiTimes, which learned the information from sources in the supply chain. Apple is said to have acquired between 200 and 300 glass cutting machines for glass making partners in order to produce the displays.

iPad 2 May Face Supply Woes After Japanese Quake

iSuppli, the company responsible for thorough product teardowns of Apple products, reported Thursday that the Japanese earthquake could affect iPad 2 supply volume, since at least five components from that device are likely sourced from Japanese suppliers, including a few hard-to-replace parts.

Apple Makes at Least $200 Per iPad Sold: Report

A new report about production costs for the iPad reveals a wide profit margin on a per-device basis. The entry-level $499 model apparently generates $208 in profit, while the top of the line $829 model more than doubles that, raking in $446 per unit.

Rumor Has It: Are These the Specs for the Apple Tablet?

File this one under “seriously not likely,” but for what it’s worth, a site called is showing off images it says are of a leaked document that details the hardware specifications of Apple’s (s aapl) upcoming tablet. The iSlate moniker is used, but there are a number of elements that suggest you might not want to bet the farm on the credibility of this particular source.

The specs themselves aren’t all that suspect, and in fact could be quite representative of what the actual hardware will look like when it is eventually released, though it’s not quite as impressive as video. But there are a couple odd usages of terms and some specs that seem outdated, which alone could just mean the document itself is rather old, but taken with the other oddities seem much more suspect. Read More about Rumor Has It: Are These the Specs for the Apple Tablet?

Ingredients List for Apple’s New iPhone Published

picture-15Normally DigiTimes is content to just let the information leak out in a slow but steady stream leading up to the WWDC, but this time the Taiwanese news and rumors site has completely given up the goat in one fell swoop, instead of pacing themselves. They’ve published a list of various part makers for the upcoming iPhone revision from Apple (s appl), in a convenient, easy-to-digest table form no less. They’ve done everything but build the thing, basically.
As was previously reported, Samsung and Toshiba will be supplying the massive volumes of NAND flash required for the “iPhone 3.0”, and OmniVision will provide the 3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor for the new iPhone camera. Missing from the list of components is that key ingredient, the processor(s?). The components are meant to be assembled into an initial order of 5 million iPhones and shipped by May 2009, which would give Apple ample buffer time to get things ready for WWDC on June 7. Read More about Ingredients List for Apple’s New iPhone Published