New Year’s resolution checklist: Daily backups

A new year is a perfect time to talk about ways to protect your data. You should be backing up and you know it, and if you are already backing up, it’s time to test your strategy and include things you may be forgetting.

Getting started with an online backup service for your Mac

Whether you got an online backup subscription as a holiday gift or just decided it’s time to have your backup offsite, it’s a good idea to keep your data protected, and one that never goes out of style. Here’s the right way to get started.

Today in Cloud

Two different posts on flash storage crossed my desk yesterday. Athough perhaps overhyping things a little, both pointed to a growing maturity in the flash storage space. Chris Mellor at The Register writes about the threat posed to traditional enterprise storage vendors like EMC by Pure Storage’s all-flash array. And then Lucas Mearian at InfoWorld picks up on some Forrester research, going so far as to suggest that prospective customers “skip data tiering, go directly to all-SSD storage.” I looked at this area in a Weekly Update back in October, and it’s definitely a fascinating space. But are any of the all-flash startups really a threat to the big enterprise vendors? I still think they’re not… at least until one of those big storage vendors acquires them.