Apple doesn’t fear Android tablet gains, but PC makers should

Apple’s iPad sold 15.4 million units during the final calendar quarter of 2011, representing a 111-percent year-over-year increase in tablet sales. Android tablets may have gained market share during the same period, but it’s PC makers that should fear that growth.

Analyst expectations up again ahead of Apple earnings call

In a note to investors today, Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu discussed his company’s expectations for Apple’s earnings call Tuesday afternoon, which were up once again from earlier predictions. Wu’s revised estimate joins a chorus of rosy outlooks about the Mac-maker’s performance.

60% of YouTube’s video ads are skippable

Google SVP of ads Susan Wojcicki said on the company’s earnings call that 60 percent of all video ads that appear on YouTube are TrueView ads, meaning that viewers can skip it and move on to the video if it’s not relevant or interesting.

Apple stock closes at an all-time high of $429.11

Apple had a record-breaking day in trading Wednesday, closing at an all-time high of $429.11 per share, after peaking earlier in the day at 429.47. Its market cap rose to just shy of $400 billion, and currently rests at $398.82 billion.

MacBook Air shipments jump as notebooks plummet overall

Apple’s MacBook Air continues to be a hot seller according to the latest sales estimates coming out of Apple’s supply chain. Shipments of the ultra-slim notebook were up to 1.2 million units in the fourth calendar quarter of 2011, up from 1 million the quarter before.

Rondee offers both scheduled and on-demand conference calls

The conference call services industry seems both ever-changing and overloaded, with new entries into the market popping up often, offering different features and pricing options. One free service that has been around for several years now is Rondee.

How to cure the common conference call

In a connected workplace, the conference call is a necessary tool, albeit one that is often used in unnecessary ways. Here are a few tips to help you make them more efficient, more collaborative, and actually productive.

Apple Conference Call: Don’t Expect Another iPad in 2011

After today’s earning report for the second fiscal quarter, Apple’s conference call was something of a dénouement. In a relatively dry call without the presence of Steve Jobs, the main topic of interest was the iPad; the questions focused on supply problems, the answers avoided them.