Ford opens up connected cars, adds Amazon Cloud Player

Ford is fully embracing the connected car movement it began years ago with its Ford Sync program. The company has opened up the Sync platform with more tools for developers to create mobile apps. Amazon Cloud Player and Glympse are two of the newest.

Plug in to make your dumb car connected and smarter

Looking to get a connected car without buying a new vehicle? A small module with GPS and cellular radio that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port may be the answer. is just that and includes 8 useful apps to add smarts to your car.

If you think your car is smart and connected now, just wait

Cars are becoming a platform for connecting their occupants to their data, their cloud services, to their auto maker, to other cars. If you think you’re car’s smart and connected now, just wait till you put it on your data plan.

Why the internet of things needs ‘curated openness’

The internet of things is for real, even if it’s nowhere near the nirvana of devices that speak with each other and take care of our every waking need automatically. The only way it will get there, says RIM’s Sebastian Marineau-Mes, is with industry-wide standards.

Turn an iPhone into an in-dash stereo

Your smartphone is already your mobile stereo. Why not make it the centerpiece of your car’s sound system too? That’s what makers of the Devium Dash, a kit you install in your car that makes your iPhone or iPod touch fit right in your car’s dash.

Internet of things will have 24 billion devices by 2020

There are 9 billion connected devices at present and by 2020 that number is going to explode to 24 billion devices, according to new statistics released by GSMA. The total number of mobile connected devices doubles from 6 billion today to 12 billion by 2020.

Forget gas; future Ford cars may run on the cloud

Thanks to mobile broadband, access to a driver’s calendar and entertainment preferences and smart engineering, the Ford Evos is an example how the cloud can power cars of the future. Check the video to see how this is a natural progression from smartphones to smarter cars.