Car data needs standards, too

Ford and Toyota are working together on standards for the next-generation of networking and Internet-connected services in their vehicles. The move shows just how important connectivity is becoming for car companies, as vehicles are becoming the latest devices to have an always-on wireless connection.

This week’s AT&T and Verizon results hint at the coming M2M world

The nation’s top two carriers managed to add 3.4 million new subscribers in the second quarter of 2011 in an almost-saturated mobile market. For that, they should thank your car, your iPad and whatever other connected device you might have floating around.

Waze prepares for its closeup with Carmageddon

While almost no one is looking forward to Los Angeles’ so-called Carmageddon, an upcoming closure of a busy freeway, crowd-sourced traffic app Waze sees an opportunity to shine. The company is teaming with the local ABC affiliate to beef up ABC’s real-time traffic information for drivers.

VIDEO: Big Data Meets Connected Cars

On the sidelines of our Green:Net event last week, I did a series of video interviews with our 10 Big Ideas companies. First up is a startup marrying big data and connected cars: Virtual Vehicle Company.

Cars With Wi-Fi Hitting the New Information Highway

As consumers purchase a greater number of web-connected devices such as tablets, portable game devices and eBook readers, they don’t want to leave these items behind. Automakers are beginning to see the potential of integrated Wi-Fi in cars, which will boost revenue opportunities down the road.