I bought a MotoActv for running (but wear it all day)

Tired of running with a smartphone, I dropped $199 for a MotoActv last week. Yet, I’ve unexpectedly found myself wearing it every minute of the day since I bought it. Why? It’s essentially equal parts FitBit health tracker, iPod Nano(s aapl) and exercise tracking app.

How to sell a hot smartwatch: Add iPhone support

A Kickstarter project to bring a new smartwatch to market blew through its $100,000 funding goal in its first day, and two hours later it crossed the $200,000 mark. What’s so unique about the Pebble E-Paper Watch? It works with both Android devices and the iPhone.

Motorola puts a GPS golf caddie on your wrist

Motorola continues its push into wearable, connected gadgets, today introducing the MotoActv Golf Edition. The gadget fits on a wrist and tracks both steps taken and calories burned. More important to duffers and golf pros alike, however: It tracks every shot on 20,000 golf courses.