Project Halo: How Netflix designed its Xbox One app

Netflix (s NFLX) recently launched a new, unified user interface across most connected devices, but the company made an exception for Microsoft’s (S MSFT) Xbox One. The Netflix app on the Xbox One, which was internally code-named “Project Halo” was custom-designed for the game console, and Netflix’s Lead UX Designer Michelle Koh and visual designer Trevor Cleveland show off their work on Behance.

iSpeech develops a Siri for our living rooms

Sure, using voice commands to turn on the car radio on your iPhone is nifty, but iSpeech wants to elevate speech-recognition technology beyond the device and distribute it throughout our homes. Tony Stark can talk to his house in Iron Man, so why can’t you?

Zeebox boss says smart TV is a dumb idea

Is the trend for smart TVs that connect to the Web and run apps a big mistake? Anthony Rose, the co-founder of hot social TV app Zeebox, took to the stage at MIPCube to suggest the future of television lies somewhere very different.

Does a Premier League bid make sense for Apple?

Apple might be looking to expand its live sports offerings through a deal with the English Premier League, a new report says. It’s an interesting proposition but not a cheap one: Sky paid £1.6 billion (around $2.5 billion) for its current broadcast rights.

The ubiquity imperative: Why content needs to be everywhere

The media world is changing, due to new devices from which viewers can access content and the ease of finding content on-demand. As a result, big media companies can no longer rely solely on the strength of their content to win out against alternative viewing options.

Iomega TV with Boxee won’t be sold in the U.S.

Are you still waiting to buy Iomega’s Boxee set-top box? Then maybe it’s time to look for alternatives or call your relatives in the UK: Iomega just told us that it won’t be selling the device in the U.S. but will concentrate on Europe instead.

Former Tremor CEO founds social TV startup for sports

Tremor Media executive chairman Jason Glickman is working on a new company called Connected Sports Ventures. While still in stealth, the startup looks poised to change the way people watch sports by connecting their social activity on second-screen devices with what’s happening on the big screen.

Fox urges web viewers to harass their cable companies

If you’re a cable provider, what do you do when Fox comes to re-negotiate its retrans deals, asking for more money now that it’s put its shows behind a pay wall? And what do you do when subscribers begin demanding access to Fox content online?