Livestreaming Event: Is App TV Coming Next?

This morning, we’ve gathered more than 50 entrepreneurs, executives and investors at our San Francisco offices to engage in a town hall-style forum to discuss what could happen if we had the “app store” revolution (and the app store economy) on our TV sets.

Strategies of the Top Contenders in Connected TV

The television business is on the cusp of the biggest technological upheaval since cable TV emerged. With that in mind, we examine the leading contenders’ strategic positioning, relative strengths and weaknesses & provide the early line on their odds of success in the connected TV marketplace.

What Would Facebook TV Look Like?

Google headlines this week beg the question: Would Facebook ever pursue a three-screen strategy by offering up its own TV platform to users? The answer could be yes, as the TV screen seems too big a honeypot to ignore for a company that lives on advertising dollars.

How Can Cisco Compete in the New Digital Living Room?

Apple and Google may be making all the headlines over the future of the living room, but another tech giant seems to be missing from the connected TV conversation: Cisco. What would Cisco need to do in order to compete in the connected TV space?