6 ways to keep your data safe in the cloud

These suggestions might seem like common sense, but the more we use cloud services, the more we put ourselves at risk of identity theft and other negative effects of cybercrime. Here are six ways to at least make it more difficult to steal your data.

iCloud breach highlights some hard truths about the consumer cloud

The hard truth for consumers is that using cloud services means they’re often at the mercy of their cloud providers’ security practices, perhaps even their HR practices. However, unless they’re willing to abstain from the cloud altogether, trusting their providers is often all consumers can do.

iCloud snafus point to dark side of consumer cloud

Appleā€™s highly anticipated iCloud consumer cloud service went live last week in a debut marred by snafus that show that cloud providers addressing the consumer market still have some kinks to work out when it comes to easing data transition from device to cloud.