Pining for days of DVD

The studios were hoist on the petard of their own pining for the heady early days of DVD — a format shift that drove a massive change in consumer behavior from mostly renting movies to mostly buying them, producing a huge revenue and margin windfall for the studios.

Berg Insight: 8.3M wearable devices were sold in 2012

The number of wearables sold globally nearly tripled between 2011 and 2012, but the market is still tiny when compared to smartphones. Berg, however, predicts 64 million wearable device shipments in 2017.

Where have you gone, AllVid?

If the Xbox One comes up short as a true, all-in-one entertainment center, it’s due to the intransigence of pay-TV operators and the fecklessness of the Federal Communications Commission more than to any design decisions made by Microsoft.

Is Amazon working on its own version of AppleCare for Kindle products?

Now that’s a coincidence, if there ever was any: Earlier this month, Amazon filed for two trademarks for extended warranty and servicing under the Kindle brand. Turns out that the description of these services was lifted verbatim from Apple’s AppleCare trademarks.

What do future products look like? Personal, sensual, intimate

Huge technology trade shows like IFA are meant to parade the biggest products around. But what if the biggest isn’t the best? What if intimacy, personalization and customization are the things we crave? That’s what I argued at a fringe event in Berlin last week.