Podcast: How enterprises can build successful BYOD programs

Implementing a formal BYOD strategy is key for many companies today. But finding one that can be managed in a secure and organized fashion is a challenge for many. In the latest GigaOM Research podcast, curator Cormac Foster and analyst Aileen Arcilla discuss challenges and steps for successful, cost-effective BYOD programs in enterprises.
Stitcher Radio
Host: David Linthicum
Speakers: Cormac Foster and Aileen Arcilla

  • What is BYOD?
  • What is the value of BYOD when leveraged within enterprises?
  • What are some of the technologies that enterprises can leverage to manage a BYOD workforce?
  • What should enterprise do to get ahead of the use of BYOD technologies?
  • What about security and privacy?

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First take: Google Drive

Google Drive joins a crowded field that’s polarizing between consumer and corporate offerings. Google is big enough to try to service both customer bases, but its lack of focus leaves a lot of room for competitors to differentiate.

Today in Social

Google seems to position its “Dropbox killer” equally for consumers and consumerized enterprise collaboration via its application integration – “Play” for consumers and the Google Docs collection for company functions. Gmail is oddly absent from this release, though Google is fleshing out an API and developer kit, and offers some nice features like easy faxing through third party apps. Forgive consumers if they’re a little confused by options from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Box and others. But save your pity for IT. With the force of consumerization and BYOD, most IT departments can only react rather than drive policy. Here’s how that’s evolving. And the suppliers aiming to power connected work will increasingly differentiate through integration, services, and suites of features.

2011: “The year mobile IT was born”

People have been asking to bring iPads, iPhones and Android phones to work for a few years now, but this is the year that IT departments everywhere are actually embracing it. Every enterprise will deploy smartphones and tablets to their workers over the next year.

Enterprise app makers not fully embracing HTML5 just yet

While developers working on business apps agree that HTML5 is coming along, they’re not ready to abandon native applications. At Mobilize 2011 the theme was hybrid, where executives from Salesforce, Rhomobile and MeLLmo talked about not making a commitment to one or the other yet.

Look, it’s VMware’s mobile play!

VMware, long synonymous with servers, today began its encroachment into mobile devices with a new product and two new projects aimed at getting enterprise access onto mobile phones and tablets. The products offer consumer-like web services while giving corporations control over access.

IT consumerization: Nightmare or golden opportunity?

More employees toting mobile devices don’t have to cause harm to large enterprises with strict IT compliance rules. In fact, those employees armed with tablets and smartphones can be trained to become brand ambassadors on social media sites and to help the company’s image.

Enterprise IT sees phones, Facebook and tablets! Oh my!

Enterprise employees have shifted from the gray and controlled world of corporate IT to the colorful Oz of consumer technologies, but according to data from an IDC/Unisys survey, everyone is in need of some kind of wizard to sort things out.