Journatic CEO: We are creating a better future for journalism

Journatic, a media startup that produces hyper-local content for newspapers, has been criticized as a “content farm.” But in an interview with GigaOM, founder Brian Timpone says not only his model more efficient than that of a newspaper, but it can actually help produce better journalism.

Are robots and content farms the future of the news?

The Chicago Tribune has laid off most of its hyper-local unit and hired what some describe as a “content farm,” while other outlets are using content that is generated by algorithms. Is this the future of news, and if so should we be happy about it?

Engadget Defection Exposes AOL’s Major Weakness

The mass defection of the Engadget staff to a site run by SB Nation does two things — reinforces how SB Nation could become a major player in the media space, and shines a spotlight on one of the major weaknesses in AOL’s growth plans.