Continuuity open sources Loom for devops on big data clusters

Big data startup Continuuity has open sourced a tool called Loom that’s designed to make deploying and managing large clusters a push-button experience. These types of tools are important as data-driven applications become more common, but the infrastructure remains a challenge.

Want to start a big data company? Here are 5 things you need to know

While some big data startups are thriving, others are shutting down or searching for buyers because it doesn’t look like a second round of venture capital is coming. Here are a few lessons I think I’ve gleaned from watching the space over the past few years.

This week’s 10 best data stories (so far)

There has been a lot of data news already this week — some big, some interesting, and some both. Here’s a collection of the stuff you shouldn’t, or don’t want to, miss.

A programmer’s guide to big data: 12 tools to know

Whether they’re building big data applications or just trying to gather some insights from their mobile apps, developers have more need than ever for analytics tools. It’s a good thing so many companies are building tools designed with developers’ needs and skills in mind.

Continuuity gets $10M to free Hadoop from itself

Hadoop is nothing without applications, and Continuuity aims to deliver those apps by making Hadoop something developers can work and innovate with. Its efforts haven’t gone unnoticed — the company just closed a $10 million Series A round from a who’s who of big data VCs.

Ex-Yahoo, Facebook big data vets do Hadoop for developers

Former Yahoo cloud VP Todd Papaioannou and Facebook engineer Jonathan Gray are trying to big data for programmers with a new platform service called Continuuity. It’s a development environment and runtime layer that sits atop a company’s Hadoop infrastructure and abstracts the complexity of writing apps.

Filtering the digital exhaust

If 80 percent of new data created is going to be unstructured, where is all that data coming from? It’s coming from consumers’ activities online and it requires real-time processing, said Continuuity’s Todd Papaionnou at Structure:Data.