Nest adds support for Dropcam and older home automation platforms

dropnestThe day that the Nest thermostat works with all of your old-school Crestron and Control4 gear has finally arrived. At the CEDIA trade show in Denver on Tuesday, the posh thermostat provider said that it has integrated with Dropcam, which Google acquired this year, as well as with Universal Remote (URC), RTI, Crestron and Control4. As one would expect, the Dropcam integration uses the thermostat’s Away setting to trigger the camera to go into motion-sensing mode, while the integration with the other firms lets you control your Nest from their remotes. I’m still waiting for the Google integrations myself.

Early results: PG&E customers like controlling thermostats with iPhones

According to early results of PG&E’s trial with smart thermostats from Honeywell and Opower, customers really like controlling the thermostat remotely with their iPhones. Remote control could prove to be one of the first smart grid applications that is a clear benefit to consumers.

Missing PowerMeter & Hohm? Here are 12 other home energy tool options

Internet giants Google and Microsoft have officially given their web-based energy management tools the Donald Trump (as in You’re Fired!), and lannounced that they would be closing them down. But there are still over a dozen options trying to tackle this difficult market.

iControl raises $50M from Intel, Cisco, Comcast, Kleiner

On the heels of Silion Valley startup iControl securing a deal to provide its software for Comcast’s new home security and energy management service, iControl announced that it has raised another $50 million in a Series D round from its long list of high profile investors

The battle heats up for California’s energy privacy rules

California’s groundbreaking set of rules on utility customer energy data are facing comment from the smart grid industry this week, and there’s still plenty of confusion over the fine print. In short, CPUC’s rules will need to change to avoid stifling the smart grid-home energy marketplace.

The Evolution of Home Energy Management

Tendril Networks is finally seeing some of its dozens of utility pilots blossom into full-scale commercial deployments numbering in the millions of homes. But where does Tendril’s classic model of in-home devices linked to smart meters fit into today’s brave new world of home energy management?

California Lays Out Smart Meter Privacy Rules

California’s utility regulator has proposed rules on how home energy devices should protect smart meter data privacy — and whether the device is “locked” into one company’s platform or technology or not will be a big deal.