Consumers Will Lead the Way for Smart Grid Adoption

How do we get consumers to use less energy and to use it smarter? State and local governments might be able to incentivize smart grid rollouts, but to ensure adoption, utilities will need to educate consumers and giving them the right tools, such as peak pricing.

Green:Net: Connected Cities Are Sustainable Cities

At Green:Net next week, we’ll be exploring how adding IT technologies to anything from the power grid, to data centers, to buildings, to lighting can lead to energy efficiency and a more sustainable consumption of increasingly-constrained resources.

Cisco Backs Home Energy Player Control4

Smart grid network players are slowing choosing their preferred startups to provide applications and devices at the edges of the network. On Tuesday, Cisco announced that it has made an equity investment in, and created a distribution partnership with, Control4.

Home Energy Player Control4 Raises $15M

It’s time for the home energy management firms that have been leading the pack to bulk up. Home automation company Control4, is in the process of raising $25 million and has closed $15 million of that round, according to a filing.

Are Consumers Ready for Home Energy Management in 2011?

Is 2011 the year that consumers will finally warm to using gadgets and software to manage their home energy consumption? Startups like Tendril and Control4 are using the DistribuTECH show this week to tout new deals and partnerships that they hope will build up the market.

Silver Spring & Control4 Team Up For Smart Homes

Silver Spring Networks, which builds smart grid networks for utilities, today announced a reseller partnership with Control4, a startup that provides home automation gear and services. This deal between the two leaders in these spaces shows how the smart home sector is maturing.

A Power Company at CES? A Digital Grid Tipping Point

For the first time, power company NRG Energy and its utility Reliant Energy are making a showing at the massive gadget love-fest CES. Why? As Reliant Energy President Jason Few told me, this is the beginning of the “digitization of the power grid.”

Motorola Buys Smart Home Startup 4Home

Motorola has touted its plans for the so-called smart home for years, and now it’s planning to acquire its way in with a startup that highlights energy management: 4Home. Will more telcos and service providers get into smart energy, too?

Enter California’s Smart Grid Task Force

You know a problem has gotten out of hand when there’s a task force created to address it. Today PG&E and partners announced the creation of the “Smart Grid Task Force” that will tackle an area that has been sorely needed for the smart grid: public education.