Why Arrested Development on Netflix could change everything

As plans for Arrested Development‘s return spread, many details indicate that thanks to Netflix, the popular cult series has the opportunity to not only legitimize the world of web content, but create a new business model for an industry that desperately needs it.

The end of convergence? Perhaps for News Corp

Rupert Murdoch’s resignation from News Corp’s UK publishing boards – part of the company’s separation in to two companies – suggests dreams of a converged, multimedia power player may never come to pass.

Today in Connected Consumer

It’s getting hard to tell the difference between cable and over-the-top programmers and service providers. Netflix, which has made no secret of its plans to emulate HBO by inching its way into original programming, is now going straight to the source. According to the LA Times this morning, Netflix is in talks with former HBO Films chief Colin Callender about a partnership to produce original series for the streaming video channel. At the same time, cable MSO Comcast is looking to muscle in on Netflix’s territory by launching its own streaming video portal, Xfinity Streampix. In Kansas City, meanwhile, all signs point to an imminent launch by Google of a pay-TV service to compete with the incumbent operator there, Time Warner Cable. Call it convergence by mutual cannibalization.

Car data needs standards, too

Ford and Toyota are working together on standards for the next-generation of networking and Internet-connected services in their vehicles. The move shows just how important connectivity is becoming for car companies, as vehicles are becoming the latest devices to have an always-on wireless connection.