A startup’s plan to turn Evernote & Facebook into digital cookbooks

Cooks are increasingly using services like Evernote, Facebook and Pinterest to store their culinary ideas, storing recipes as notes, likes and pins for later viewing. The problem is none of the three is designed to be a culinary tool, but Say Mmm plans to change that.

Cupcakes! Food Network builds an interactive cookbook

Food Network’s digital strategy has always been fairly straightforward: to supplement its cable TV content and promote its on-air talent. Consequently its Website, its social media efforts and its mobile apps are all linked to its programming. But this week Food Network deviated from that strategy.

KeepRecipes creates an iTunes for cookbooks

KeepRecipes is launching an “iTunes for recipes” on Friday, in hopes of building an online marketplace for buying and selling culinary ideas. It’s starting small, but KeepRecipes hopes to show cookbook publishers they can make money online and consumers that some recipes are worth paying for.

A better recipe for digital cuisine

Digital recipes and cookbooks need to emulate the world of digital music. By creating a standard recipe format similar to the MP3, we could overcome the artificial barriers between cooking Websites, apps and our bookshelves. Only then could we be build truly comprehensive digital cooking libraries.