Photo Gallery: WWDC Line Forms 12 Hours Before Event

Apple events tend to bring out the giddy-kid-on-Christmas-eve feeling in many of us, and the lines that start at these events reflect that. Here in San Francisco, the WWDC line started no earlier than 6:30PM last night…over 15 hours before the event starts.

4 Ways Not to Be a Doormat

When running a business, it can sometimes be hard to draw the line between being of service and being taken advantage of by customers, clients and other professionals. Here are a few ways to reinforce that line.

Roku Adds UFC Channel to Sports Lineup

Roku is boosting the amount of sports content it carries through a multiyear deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) that adds live pay-per-view events and archived matches to its broadband set-top box. It’s the third major sports deal for the set-top box maker. Aims to Engage L.A. With Epic Fu’s Steve Woolf

Online distribution site is aiming to engage with the local web series scene by opening an office in Los Angeles and hiring Epic Fu co-creator Steve Woolf to work directly with creators interested in using the Blip platform.

Where to Watch Facebook’s f8 Live Online

Starting with Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT, Facebook will launch f8 Live, which will stream all sessions from the conference live on the Interwebz, along with a number of interactive features that are designed to let those who can’t attend feel like they are a part of the action.

Beyond Copenhagen: 8 Ways to Revitalize the Climate Talks

More than a month after the conclusion of COP15 — the UN climate talks in Copenhagen — negotiators and observers alike are still grappling with what to make of the Copenhagen Accord that resulted from the summit. Agreements under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change require consensus in order to take effect. Because a handful of countries refused to give their assent to the accord, it was not formally adopted and now hovers in a legal purgatory outside of the two official negotiating tracks under the Convention.

Hoping to shed some light on where to go next, the Climate and Energy Policy Institute at UC Berkeley last week convened a panel of campus experts to discuss “Beyond Copenhagen: Forging a Global Response to Climate Change.” The conference convened just a few days before the January 31 deadline for countries to formally indicate support for the Copenhagen Accord. UN climate chief Yvo De Boer said last month that the deadline was “soft,” and as of Tuesday 137 countries had not submitted pledges to reduce their emissions. Here are eight recommendations from Berkeley faculty to revitalize the international climate change talks:
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Daily Sprout

Meet Qinetiq: A British defense technology company, Qinetiq, is testing a new type of lithium-ion battery based on lithium-ion iron-sulfide chemistry for hybrids and electric vehicles that could be substantially cheaper and more powerful than existing batteries. — Technology Review

Tioga, SunDurance Bag NJ Solar Schools Project: Tioga Energy and SunDurance Energy today announced they have been selected as a team by the Morris County officials to develop, install, own, and operate 3.2 MW of solar power systems on 19 Morris County school buildings and county government facilities in 2010. The companies say the project will save the county an estimated 2 million or more in energy costs. — Press Release

Ford to Test Transit Connect, Electric Focus in Germany: University researchers and customers selected by Ford are slated to begin a 2-year test today of 25 all-electric Ford Transit Connect vans and Focus compact sedans in the Cologne area. — Edmunds Green Car Advisor

Did We Just Emerge from the Ethanol Decade?: “Whatever else happened these last 10 years, not many groups would call the time ‘the era when biofuels such as ethanol came of age.’ But this is exactly the phrase that the Renewable Fuels Association uses to describe the Noughties.” — Autoblog Green

Detangling COP15: When world leaders departed the UN climate talks in Copenhagen last month, “they left behind a vast legal tangle,” including edicts dealing with verifying carbon emission cuts to mobilizing billions of dollars for poor nations that require formal enactment rulings. — ClimateWire via NYT

How-To: Replicating Coda’s Books Feature With Google Quick Search Box

Espresso IconI recently made the switch to the newest version of the web development application Espresso. After having used Coda for all my previous web development needs, I’m naturally making some comparisons between the two. I’ll leave the blow by blow evaluation to others but thought it worth noting that the one feature I find myself really missing the most from Coda is the ability to quickly search through reference books. This surprised me a bit as I wouldn’t normally list this as a “killer feature” of Coda, but more than anything else I’ve found myself continuously cursing the lack of this option in Espresso.

Thinking others might be feeling the same way I quickly threw together this Google Quick Search Box plug-in (ZIP, 742kb) that will let you send searches to reference sources for HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Python, and WordPress. You can start the query by entering text directly into QSB or by selecting text within Espresso itself, or any other application for that matter. Read More about How-To: Replicating Coda’s Books Feature With Google Quick Search Box

Daily Sprout

Top Green Stories of the Decade: Take a stroll through 10 years of green headline grabbers, including these stories: climate took over the environmental movement, local got vocal, we got a raft of new body-invaders to fret about (like BPA and PVC), and green went pop. — Grist

First Solar, Hot or Not?: First Solar “may not be as hot as it looks.” It has dropped four large-scale solar plant projects in California alone after plans were denied by the Bureau of Land Management, and one of its 150-megawatt projects slated for 2,100 acres in Colorado has now also been canceled. — VentureBeat’s GreenBeat

Ship Emission Crackdown: “U.S. environmental regulators on Tuesday finalized engine and fuel standards for U.S. flagged ships to cut emissions that cause lung diseases and save more than $100 billion in health costs.” — Reuters

COP15 Could Boost Geo-Engineering: The fiasco at the Copenhagen climate talks this month might give fresh momentum to geo-engineering — the idea of “tinkering with the earth’s climate to keep temperatures down,” through schemes like seeding clouds, spraying particles into the atmosphere, or building huge sunshades. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Incentives OK’d for Think Factory in Indiana: Norway-based automaker Think still hasn’t issued an official statement saying where it will build a new plant for its electric City, Think acknowledges, “I think we are further along with Indiana than we are with other states,” after winning approval from Indiana’s Elkhart County Council for a 10-year tax abatement worth $500,000. — Indianapolis Business Journal via Autoblog Green