First look video: VLC is coming to Android TV

The popular media player app VLC is coming to Android TV: VLC developers have released a preview version that already looks pretty neat — here’s a first look.


Show notes for this episode:

Is VLC on Android TV a game changer, or just a nice add-on? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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There’s been a flood of boxes coming from Asia that bring Android to your TV. Some of them simply blow up a mobile phone UI on the big screen. The Cloud TV Box from Sungale instead uses a dedicated TV UI, but is that enough?

Cord Cutters: WD TV Live gets over-the-air tuner and DVR support

Here’s another sign that live, over-the-air broadcast TV is heating up: The WD TV Live line of devices just got support for over-the-air tuners, enabling users to watch free HD TV and even record shows with a basic DVR feature. Check out our first look.

Cord Cutters quick tip: using AirPlay on a Google TV

One of the best things about Apple TV is now available on Google TV: Check out this Cord Cutters quick tip for a demo of AirPlay video streaming from an iPad to a Google TV device. All you need is the right app.

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