Survey: most tablet shopping IT buyers will go with iPad

Apple’s iPad has the almost undivided attention of corporate IT departments right now. According to a ChangeWave Research survey of 1,604 business IT buyers, they are interested in little else. Of those planning to buy tablets, 84 percent will choose the iPad in the next quarter.

Biz spending on Macs, iPads could hit $19B in 2012

BYOD policies aren’t the only reasons Apple products’ presence are growing at your office. Corporate IT departments are more and more buying Macs and iPads for employees to use. That’s according to a new report from analyst firm Forrester published Friday.

Is ‘cool’ Apple’s key to the future of enterprise?

Apple is making big strides in the enterprise, thanks in large part to the success of its mobile devices. More than the devices themselves, the cool factor surrounding Apple could be its key to growing enterprise presence, according to a growing number of experts.