Is Verizon turning 3G into a prepaid-only service?

Verizon may be getting serious about prepaid if only as a means to find a future use for its rapidly emptying 3G networks. After years of ceding prepaid to its competitors, Verizon started actively courting contract-averse subscribers over the holidays.

A bird’s eye view of a combined T-Mobile-MetroPCS

Spectrum and coverage maps show us exactly where the new ‘T-Metro’ will deliver on the promised 4G capacity. The gains in many key markets are impressive, but adding Metro’s assets won’t be a spectrum panacea for T-Mobile.

Verizon’s LTE juggernaut expands to 75% of population

With the addition of 34 new markets on Thursday, Verizon’s LTE network will envelope 235 million Americans or three-quarters of the country population. Four months before the end of the year it’s within spitting distance of reaching its 4G coverage goals, while competitors play catch-up.

U.S. Cellular takes LTE live with Galaxy Tab 10.1

U.S. Cellular has begun selling its first 4G device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, across its coverage area, though LTE speeds will be limited initially to parts of six states. The data plans aren’t cheap, but it’s providing the first 4G option for many small towns.

Verizon: LTE everywhere and in all future smartphones

Verizon Wireless is upping its already considerable commitment to LTE, revealing to the Dow Jones that it will complete its core LTE rollout this year and reiterating its commitment to selling only 4G smartphones from here on out.

How crowdsourcing will give Hilton Head better mobile coverage

Hilton Head is an island full of sandy beaches, manicured golf courses and lush green trees. But one thing the island community doesn’t have is good cellular coverage. By working with RootMetrics to crowdsource testing of its local cellular networks, it hopes to change that.

Windstream buys business phone company for $2.3 billion

Windstream, a Little Rock, Ark.-based phone and broadband company says it is buying PAETEC Holding Company of Fairport, N.Y. for $2.3 billion. On closing this deal, Windstream will have a bigger national footprint with a bigger fiber network to service the luractive business customers.

“Back to the Mac” Event Live Coverage

Good news TheAppleBlog readers! We’ll have live coverage here of today’s “Back to the Mac” event starting just before the 10 AM PT scheduled start time today. Follow along with us as Apple unveils new Macbook notebooks, a brand new version of OS X, and more.

Apple Stores Get Good AT&T Coverage

At some Apple stores, like the new one at Park Meadows in Lone Tree Colorado, it’s pretty much the rule that your AT&T – and probably most other carriers – phone will get no usable service coverage. That’s the case when I wander in with my Blackjack on a regular basis. But all of a sudden my coverage at the Park Meadows Apple Store is stellar! Let’s just thank the iPhone for that – afterall, how do you expect to sell and demo a cellular phone in a place that doesn’t get service coverage for said phone?

The Park Meadows location is my local Apple Store with [previously] awful cell reception – what’s yours? Have you seen the AT&T coverage improve yet?