Cox Launches Consumer-Friendly Wireless

Cox Communications, the third largest cable provider in the U.S., today entered the wireless market after more than two years of planning. Incumbent carriers should take note: Cox Wireless customers get refunds for unused minutes, plan pricing is competitive and ETF charges are pro-rated properly.

The Biggest Losers: Delayed DTV Edition

When President-elect Barack Obama asked Congress to delay the transition that will force broadcasters to switch from analog TV signals to digital ones last week, we noted that the move could cause trouble for companies planning to use the newly available spectrum for new technologies. I’ve reached out to most of the affected companies, as well as some industry experts, to determine what it would really mean. It’s also important to note that as of now the law mandates a change on Feb. 17, and until that law is changed, a delay is all talk with no action. Read More about The Biggest Losers: Delayed DTV Edition