EnerNOC: Revenues Up, Profit Up, Denies PJM Claim

U.S. demand response leader EnerNOC took time during its Wednesday year-end conference call to defend itself in a market rules dispute with big customer PJM, saying the grid operator wants to “underpay” EnerNOC for its negawatts.

Beyond Demand Response: EnerNOC Expands

The demand response players continue rebranding. EnerNOC has launched its EfficiencySMART brand to tie together its building energy management, sustainability planning and energy procurement lines of business from building to enterprise.

Why Comverge Is Rebranding Demand Response

Comverge has rebranded itself as a provider of “intelligent energy management” services. What does that mean for the demand response provider’s future against big competitor EnerNOC and upstarts in the smart grid space?

Why the Line Between Smart Grid & Demand Response Is Blurring

Big demand response players are leveraging their middleman role between utilities and customers to apply their technology in to fields traditionally defined as smart grid. Given the way the market is developing, they may have little choice.

Report: Smart Grid Outspends Smart Meters

Smart meters get all the attention, but smart distribution grid and substation projects are actually taking the lead in smart grid spending across the nation, and corporate giants are reaping the benefit. That’s the gist of a Cleantech Group report released by the DOE Thursday.

Demand Response M&A: Constellation Snaps Up CPower

One of the oldest smart grid technologies out there is also one of the most ripe for M&A: demand response. And that’s not a coincidence. On Friday power company Constellation Energy announced that it plans to acquire demand response and energy management provider CPower.

Cali Opens the Market to Demand Response

Wanted — California electricity consumers who can turn off 100 megawatts or more of power use on a moment’s notice. In return, you can get paid as if you’re actually generating that same amount of power, with prices set on the open market.

When Negawatts Equal Megawatts, Demand Response Blooms

Is a negawatt worth the same amount of money as a megawatt? The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has said yes, at least tentatively, and this could spell big new opportunities in the demand response industry. At the same time, it could give technologies that enable turning down energy use new and interesting ways to pay for themselves.

EnerNOC Eyes Business Beyond Demand Response

EnerNOC (s ENOC) is a big name in the world of demand response — that is, turning down buildings’ energy use to help utilities shave peak power demands. But it’s also been making its way — and buying its way — into energy efficiency, carbon management and energy supply chain services, and on Wednesday it launched its integrated platform for customers to integrate with their own web services.
It’s all part of EnerNOC’s plan to expand from its core demand response business, which now accounts for more than 3.5 gigawatts of power that customers have pledged to turn down in an emergency in exchange for cash. That kind of work requires controls and sensors that lend themselves naturally to so-called building commissioning, or that is, auditing and improving building energy efficiency.
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