Today in Connected Consumer

Lots of Apple porn this morning. AllThingsD confirms speculation that Apple is getting ready to release a next-generation iPad, which will feature a much-faster CPU and souped-up graphics processor, along with a 2048X1536 Retina Display screen. Sources tell the blog that Apple will hold an event in the first week of March to announce the new iPad, with delivery likely to follow within a matter of weeks. Cult of Mac, meanwhile, goes the full Monty, with a photo spread of leaked images of various casings and components purported to be from the iPad 2. If the placement of volume controls and on/off buttons are your thing, there is plenty to gape at.

2011 Mac mini review: Ding dong, the disc is dead

The new Mac mini does away with the optical disc drive, leading to a price reduction for Apple’s diminutive desktop. Without it, and with the addition of Thunderbolt and dedicated graphics, how does the mini stack up as a desktop and as a home theater PC?

SeaMicro’s new servers keep on coming

SeaMicro, a low-power server maker, has managed to increase the amount of computing power under its hood by 50 percent while decreasing the power consumption of its machines by a quarter. But perhaps most interesting, it has managed three new products in the last year.

Who Stands to Lose to Nvidia’s New ARM Processor?

There’s long been talk of Nvidia joining the server CPU business, but most believed it would go the x86 route. Instead, it chose ARM. Since ARM’s dominance in mobile devices means it is the processor of the future, other companies need a game plan, and fast.