SunPower looks to solar leases as a bright spot

SunPower, which makes solar panels and develops power generation projects, has seen quick growth of its residential solar lease program since its launch last year. The surge reflects the growing popularity of solar leases in California and elsewhere.

Solaria raises $30M to push concentrating solar PV

Concentrating solar photovoltaics use optics to concentrate sunlight onto solar cells to boost energy production. While the tech is still in an early stage, some startups are looking to ramp up, like Fremont, Calif.-based Solaria, which has raised another $30 million.

SunPower launches its first solar concentrator

Once upon a time, concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) technology received ridicule for its design and promise to deliver cheaper electricity. But CPV is now attracting new entrants such as SunPower, the long-time maker of traditional solar panels that on Tuesday launched a CPV system.

PHOTOS: Chromasun’s Rooftop Next-Gen Solar Project

A rooftop at Santa Clara University is now home to a next-generation solar technology. Specifically the university has commissioned a solar concentrating photovoltaic project — which uses both mirrors to concentrate sunlight and also solar cells — from startup Chromasun.

Largest Solar Concentrating PV Project Set to Rise in Cali

Can solar concentrating photovoltaic technology ever become mainstream? There’s a new project that shows it can: Tenaska Solar Ventures will build a 150 MW of CPV systems that will produce electricity for San Diego Gas & Electric. The largest CPV installation to date is 1 MW.

Morgan Solar Raising Funds for Concentrating Solar PV

Morgan Solar, a concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) startup, is raising a B round of $20-25 million and hopes to complete the fundraising by as early as April, Nicolas Morgan, vice president of business development at the company, told us.

Morgan Solar Aims to Start Production in Cali in 2011

Morgan Solar has settled on a production plan and is ready to offer its first system that use concentrated sunlight and solar cells to produce electricity in 2011. Now Morgan Solar is counting on its new CEO to deliver a new round of funding.

Solaria Raises Mo Money, Still Needs to Prove Its Worth

Solaria, whose technology uses lenses to concentrate sunlight onto solar cells in order to boost electricity generation, said Wednesday it has raised an additional $20 million for its previously announced Series D round of financing.