2013: The year of the web series second season?

It’s been common for web series to never make it past a first season. But this year, there are four notable examples of shows continuing their runs, from independent teen dramedies to Jerry Seinfeld chatting with comics.

Fanhattan adds Crackle, PBS and Lifetime

Fanhattan is trying to make it easier for users to discover content available on mobile, and soon connected TV devices. With that in mind, it has added videos from new content sources, including movies from Crackle and TV shows from PBS and Lifetime.

Crackle’s Backwash: Original, Flawed, Star-Studded

Here’s the thing about the Crackle original series Backwash, which launched this Monday: I’m not terribly impressed any more by a celebrity choosing to participate in web content. I am, however, impressed when ALL THE CELEBRITIES, EVER, choose to participate in web content.